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Erudite: Russian words


Ask yourself: Are you a erudite ? If you consider yourself a erudite - this game is for you! Download and start game to remember all the words that you know , because it's pretty hard.*** WARNING! All the words in Russian! ***
*** For the next week will be actively testing the beta version of the new version with a new game mode , and on October 12 it will be posted ! Thanks for waiting! ***
* Word game - is a logic game , which aims - to make words using only the letters of a random word that has chosen phone.
* Words that can be entered - nouns , adjectives and verbs . You will be able to learn the meaning of each word. Also, for each word you get points for that later you can get a clue. Аor each tour you get 100 points , raising the level and ability to hit the leader board!* The game is similar in genre with games " Anagrams ", " The words of the word " and " Hangman " , she is sure to take its place of honor in your phone.Our advantages are:- Unlimited number of words- The game can explain the meaning of each word- Online mode- With each new update except the words , add new features and enhance the usability of the game, each word is carefully checked- Updates are released every week- We are always available and willing to help you and to hear your opinion on our website VKontakte , the link is just below reviews- The game uses only play money- Paid version of the game is laid out for those people who want to support the development of the game . As a bonus, we cleaned out advertisingIn the game you can:- Complete 14 seasons ( 168 words )- Play in an online mode (unlimited words)- Become the best of the best and get on the honor roll!- Customize the look of the game- Learn new words = )We wish you a pleasant game!